Overwhelmed by paperwork… and a messy Kitchen!

PJ Van Zetten

“I work from my home office as a travel counsellor, offering a bespoke travel service to my clients. I had accumulated an overwhelming amount of paperwork around me. I could not see my way clear to bring it under control. I had tried, but it was simply wasn’t working.

I was also aware that, if I wanted to use Skype to work with my clients, I needed to convey a positive visual impression. I wanted them to see an ordered and sorted “miniature travel agent environment” rather than the disaster that was my office.

Lesley brought order and clarity to my office by working with me over Skype. Using the camera, I showed her my current processes and she showed me how to rearrange and tidy areas, gradually turning my office into a creative and enlightening space. She would highlight a particular area and suggest we work on it together. She was accommodating throughout, showing me exactly how to create the travel office environment I was looking for. Together, we created processes that were more productive and which meant I then knew where everything was.

When we had finished, I then started to think my kitchen wasn’t working either! There was no logic to how and where things were stored. Just like my office had been, there was no flow. Using Skype again, Lesley and I reorganised my kitchen into a logical and pleasurable space. Although I had not been aware of it prior to this experience, my kitchen hadn’t given me any feeling of joy. Now, finished off with a cheerful daffodil yellow, my kitchen is now a lovely place just to be.

Lesley made me aware of my own danger zones through a combination of putting processes in place and simply “getting rid of it”! Working with Lesley was a revelation and a definite boost to my personal energy. I now think “Oh yeah!” rather than phunk! whenever I enter both these rooms. Very clever lady.”

Lesley says...
PJ had just lost her way and didn’t know where or how to start. We gently talked through what wasn’t working for her and how she would like it to be. From there, as her thoughts became clearer and more positive, we worked methodically through each area, making her vision a reality and learning how to keep it that way.

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Having a “happy” and “healthy” home where the negative energies have been replaced by positive ones, is like living by a calm ocean or forest, It allows us to expand and reconnect.

Working with Lesley will ensure you have the calm, relaxing and welcoming space everyone deserves.
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