Restoring the harmony

Susie Rose

I asked Lesley to do a home clearing for me at the end of last year. I’m an energy healer myself and Lesley is the only person I’d trust to do a clearing for me.

I could feel there was some energy in my home that was causing a disturbance, and could see a change in my daughter’s behaviour. When Lesley reported back she’d picked up what I was feeling, explained what she had found and cleared the energy from the house, I could feel the difference immediately. Even the plant in the area has come back to life and my daughter is back to her happy self. It’s made an immediate difference to everyone and restored harmony!

I also received some surprising news shortly after, which I know was a direct result of the work Lesley had done! I can’t recommend Lesley enough.

Lesley says...
In Susie’s case some heavy energy had found its way into her home and was making itself known by the negative effect it was having on the general atmosphere. Susie’s daughter was very sensitive to this energy and was reacting to it without realising that that was what was happening. I went through a thorough home healing, cleared the energy and put protections and blessings in place. The result was a much happier and energetically healthier home and daughter.

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Having a “happy” and “healthy” home where the negative energies have been replaced by positive ones, is like living by a calm ocean or forest, It allows us to expand and reconnect.

Working with Lesley will ensure you have the calm, relaxing and welcoming space everyone deserves.
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