The gentleman in the room


I asked Lesley to help as my little boy (who was 22 months at the time) had suddenly started to hate going to his room or even up the stairs in the evening. He would go up during the day but at night he would stand at the bottom of the stairs, look up and instantly look scared, start to cry and would want to be picked up….as if he was seeing someone on the landing. Initially I thought it was a development leap but the fear in his eyes was so different to how I had ever seen him before. It strangely started to happen when we started renovating our garden, although since we have been in the house 8 + years (big renovation project!) my husband would wake up at least once a week thinking someone was in the room! Cut a long story short, the final straw was going into my sons room during the night to him absolutely petrified screaming and smelling a very strong smell of stale cigarettes. Needless to say I grabbed him and took him in with us!

The change was almost instant once Lesley started working on the clearing. Thomas settled a lot better, still a little uneasy at first but he was back to his normal self within a week of Lesley starting and also my husband has not had one ‘freak out’ at night ever since! This to me is absolutely amazing. Lesley told us we did have a gentleman in the house, who used to own the property and he was confused as to why we were making changes, which all makes perfect sense!

Thank you so much Lesley, you have created a new calm in our home!

Lesley says...
Gail and her family were experiencing strong spirit activity and the distress that it was causing both her infant son and her husband was intense. As I cleared the energy within the home I connected with the spirit involved, communicated with him and enabled him to move gently and willingly into the light, leaving his past home to its present owners. A happy result for all concerned.

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Having a “happy” and “healthy” home where the negative energies have been replaced by positive ones, is like living by a calm ocean or forest, It allows us to expand and reconnect.

Working with Lesley will ensure you have the calm, relaxing and welcoming space everyone deserves.
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