When the time is right.....

Well, it's that time of year again..... the clocks have changed and we are back to GMT here in England.

That means that the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting longer.

In a way this can feel quite nice. It can be a time when we feel ourselves slowing down a little and being happier to settle ourselves in to our homes in the evenings.
For some it's a lovely time but for others it's a rather more depressing, isolating time.
Our aim should always be to create for ourselves an environment that nurtures and supports us, an environment that reflects who we really are and is full of things that give us pleasure and make us smile.
This is perhaps the time of year that we are more inclined to invite people into our home, rather than meet them elsewhere.
But we are not going to do this if our home is cluttered, messy or untidy. 
If our heart sinks when the doorbell rings,
if our stress levels raise at the thought of anybody getting past the front door,
if we feel embarrassed or unhappy for our friends and relations to see how we live, then now could be the perfect time to change this.
Firstly, take a good look around. A good honest look. Even if we want to shy away from this normally. See your space through new eyes. Do you like what you see? Does it make you feel comforted and supported? Would you feel happy to spend time and be able to relax in this space?
If the answer is no, then think about what kind of environment would make you feel that way. Create that vision in your head and hold onto it.
I love visioning like this but I do know that it doesn't come easy to all of us.
If you are somebody who finds this very difficult then don't look at the whole room, just look at one area of it.
Do you like the way your bookshelves look? What could you change about them so that the books you have or the things you display on them make you feel good.
The first step is always to clear the excess. Go through what you have in that room
Remove anything that you no longer connect with....this might be books you're never going to read again, or even read for the first time...yes, we've all got them! 😊
It might be ornaments that we're so used to that we no longer see them and when we actually stop and take notice we find that we don't actually really like then anymore.
It could be piles of magazines, little hit spots of post, toys or creative projects that we've never got round to.
It all needs sorted through, the things you love kept, the things that should actually live elsewhere put back in their true home, things you no longer love re gifted, passed on or  just plain parted with.
If you find this difficult get somebody to help you...a good friend or family member or a professional.
Whoever it is, make sure it's somebody you feel comfortable with and who will respect what you want and feel happy with.
Once the space is clear of the excess you may fall back in love with it with no further work needed, or you might decide you want to paint, change the curtains, have new cushion covers etc.
This needn't be expensive...again get help if you feel you need, friend or professional.
How much change you make after losing the excess is up to you. Only you will know...listen to your what makes you feel content and avoid what causes tension.
The whole aim to to create a space that makes us feel happy and content. That makes us feel supported in who we are and that reflects out true selves to any we invite into it.
We all deserve a space that makes us feel that way.
One that we are happy to share with others or just be in as the days continue to get shorter and the evenings longer.
Enjoy    Lesley x

We all hold onto things...

it's just a natural state of being...and we give ourselves permission for doing so in all sorts of ways. We tell ourselves we might need it later.....we haven't had our wear out of it....if we let it go we will be letting part of ourselves go with it etc, etc.

Our reasons are many and they can feel very real...

However, surprise, surprise, we don't always tell ourselves the truth!

We want to keep ourselves safe and that is a primordial urge, one that in times and circumstances past was extreemly valuable....our lives and the lives of those we loved most probably depended on it.

However, those times, thankfully, are long past for most of us, but the instinct lingers on. This means that we can sometimes, totally understandably, come from a place of fear.....fear for our future well being, and fear is a harsh master.

Feeling as though we will lose part of ourselves if we let once-important things from our past go, is a very common feeling.

But it is a lie we tell ourselves. Nothing can take part of us away like that. We are who we are and always will be.

It is completely true that we are shaped by our past experiences and that they all go to making the person we have become, but this does not mean that we will be throwing any part of ourselves away along with the old paperwork and, or keepsakes.



Things that we've accumulated over the years can make us smile when we look at them....they can give us that warm fuzzy feeling that takes us back to a happy place or time, but they can also cause us stress, make us sad and hold us back.

If you have things in your life that you do not love, that do not make you smile, that do not add to your life, but that are lurking somewhere in the back of cupboards, unpacked boxes or loft or basement spaces, then I would suggest that it just might be time for you to face your fear.

It is so much healthier to part with, once and for all, the things that aren't serving you. Things that do not add joy to your life, things that do not move forwards with you as the person you are now in the here and now.

This can be scary to do on your own, but there is always help out there.....either  a friend, a relation or a professional safe pair of hands.

Ask around and decide which would be best for you.

The end result of letting go of these things will be so worth the bravery of facing the event. You will feel lighter, happier, more in the now, settled and happy to be who and where you are at this moment.

You will also've made room, physically and emotionally for the new and lovely things to come into your life. Things that will make you smile and add to your life.

If you have something in your life like this, look at it, ask yourself why you would keep it and be honest with your there some fear in there? And if there is ...... look to what you would gain from letting it go...and then do it!

It will be so worth it!

Happy "letting go"


If you feel as though you could do with some help with letting go, then why not contact me now and book your free, no obligation, half hour discovery call with me. We can look at where you are now, how that's making you feel, where you would like to be and the possibility of us working together. 

Having a “happy” and “healthy” home where the negative energies have been replaced by positive ones, is like living by a calm ocean or forest, It allows us to expand and reconnect.

Working with Lesley will ensure you have the calm, relaxing and welcoming space everyone deserves.
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