Home Healing

Home Healing

People often contact me and the first thing they say is “ this may sound really strange but......” and this is usually followed by such statements as

“I have a very strange feeling when I’m in my home/ a certain room. It’s as if there’s somebody in there with me.”
“I don’t like going into my spare room because the energy feels really dark and heavy.”
“ My partner and I are fine when we’re not in the house but as soon as we walk through the door the arguments start.”
“We’ve just moved house and it feels as though the people before us have left some bad energy behind.”

It may just be a feeling or there may be actual evidence of spirit activity. Either way, I can guarantee that I won’t think of what you say as strange.
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A free home healing assessment

I would start by doing a free assessment of your property covering the three main areas of stress that I look at.... geo-psychic, geo-pathic and electromagnetic and then send you a detailed report of what I find.

You can then decide whether you’d like me to go ahead with the Home Healing. I would keep you updated at each phase of the process.

After the assessment I would be able to give you an idea of how long the Home Healing would take, depending on what I find at the assessment stage, and how much it would be.
Prices start from £220 per property
Haled and happy home
Peace of Mind Package
Sometimes psychic energy can get back into a home. Every home is different, but psychic energy can be brought in by somebody or a new portal can open up. Occasionally ley lines can be broken again by disturbance along the line.

The peace of mind package offers a regular clear to ensure that, should this happen, it will be quickly resolved.
These are available from £45
I do this work using dowsing, an old and well known way of working with energy.

When doing an assessment I connect using this to the energy within your home from a distance, so I don’t need to be with you when do an assessment or a clearing

Free half-hour discovery call

If you’d like to have a chat about how I could potentially help you, then contact me now and book your free, no obligation half hour discovery call

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Having a “happy” and “healthy” home where the negative energies have been replaced by positive ones, is like living by a calm ocean or forest, It allows us to expand and reconnect.

Working with Lesley will ensure you have the calm, relaxing and welcoming space everyone deserves.
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