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Sometimes, you know exactly what’s feeling wrong with your home, and are certain about what needs to be done to get it as you would like it to be. Other times, it might be that you just know that things aren’t right and that it’s causing stress, but have no clear idea of what it is exactly that is needed.

Either way, Your Organisational Angel offers a free half hour discovery call to talk this through with you and to look at the possibility of working together.
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Mindful Decluttering

Whether it’s the kitchen; bedroom; office; an overflowing cupboard or the whole house Your Organisational Angel can help you sort through your possessions, be able to part with items that are no longer serving you and organise what you choose to keep.

This is a hands on in person service in your own space.
Hourly Rate


Minimum 3 hours                                                                           £180

Travel expenses of 60p per mile apply beyond a 10 mile radius or by arrangement.

Decluttered living room
Decluttered room

On-going Support

Your Organisational Angel offers on line support via one hour slots of Skype/Facetime sessions.

These are great alternatives for those clients beyond a reasonable travelling distance or who prefer shorter sessions.
Skype or Phone Session
60 minutes

Help & Support During Difficult Times

Your Organisational Angel brings compassion and kindness when it comes to sorting through loved-ones belongings after divorce or bereavement. At times when your mind simply isn’t on the job, she works with empathy and sensitivity to get things done for you.

If you’re down-sizing due to going into sheltered accommodation or care home then Lesley can help with this too.
Hourly Rate

Minimum 3 hours

Travel expenses of 60p per mile apply beyond a 10 mile radius or by arrangement.
Clan living decluttered
Decluttered dining room

National or International relocations and house moves

If you’re preparing to move or down-sizing, Your Organisational Angel will help relieve the stress of sorting and deciding what to keep and what not to – also making it easier to unpack at the other end. Why not book her for a clear-out prior to moving and save transporting things you no longer need or for a session at the other end to help unpack and set up the rooms in your home again in the shortest possible time?
Hourly Rate
(per organiser if a team of two or more are required)
Travel expenses of 60p per mile apply beyond a 10 mile radius or by arrangement.

Workshops and Action Plans

If you’d prefer to tackle your decluttering yourself, Your Organisational Angel also offers workshops to help you plan. These sessions are conducted in person or by phone/Skype and will result in you being equipped with a clear vision and a workable action plan.

Workshops are available for individuals (two-hour session) or small groups in person (day-long session, more detailed than individual session)
per person
Lesley is available to give talks to local groups and interested organisations.

Free half-hour discovery call

If you’d like to have a chat about how I could potentially help you, then contact me now and book your free, no obligation half hour discovery call

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Having a “happy” and “healthy” home where the negative energies have been replaced by positive ones, is like living by a calm ocean or forest, It allows us to expand and reconnect.

Working with Lesley will ensure you have the calm, relaxing and welcoming space everyone deserves.
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