Is this the year............

Another new year is here and how many of us are making New Year Resolutions to take forward into January with us?

Lots of us do this and sometimes we stick to them and sometimes we don’t. But they are always made with the best of intentions to take us closer to our dreams.

And this is how it should be.

The new year ahead of us can be one of transformation for us all if we choose it to be. It can be one where we can step into our own power and live authentically. Choosing to show up as we really are and not as somebody we think others want or expect us to be. Not always easy, especially after a life time of feeling as though we should please others.

So what has this got to do with us sorting our clutter?

Well let’s start at the beginning and take a look at exactly what clutter is…..


It’s things we don’t use or love.

It’s things that are untidy or disorganised.

It’s too many things in too small a space.

It’s anything that’s unfinished.


It’s stuck energy.

It can hold us in the past.

It can hold us tight in the present.

At times it doesn’t allow us to move forwards.


It can make us feel tired and weighed down.

It can change the way we carry ourselves.

It can make us feel stressed and embarrassed.


This clutter and disorganisation is wherever we feel it too…it doesn’t have to be in plain sight, it can be hidden away in cupboards, drawers, lofts and basements, we still know it’s there and our bodies still react to it.

Let’s just try something…..

Close your eyes for a moment…………think about an area in your home or office that isn’t working for you quite as it should. Perhaps it’s a cupboard where you put everything “ just for now” and then never get round to sorting it, or your garage that is too full to fit the car in. It will be different for each and every one of us.

As you have your eyes closed and are thinking of this space just notice how your body is feeling. Have your shoulders become tense? Are you frowning? Is there a knot in your stomach?

Now think of that space as you’d like it to be. Picture it sorted, organised, clear and working well for you. Feel yourself smile at the sight of it.

Now check in with your body again….has the tension gone? Do you feel lighter?

The answer will invariably be yes.

This is the kind of tension we carry around with us that we don’t even know about until we really notice how our body responds to our excess or disorganised belongings.


A perfect example of how we respond without being conscious of it is the story of a lovely lady that I network with.

This lovely lady is registered blind and she has the guide dog to prove it. She has founded a charity to bring to the world an understanding of childhood eye cancer and how to recognise it in its early stages. For this she needs to work at a desk in an office. She told me how, despite being blind, she can “feel” when the desk next to hear is becoming cluttered and that if this desk continues to be this way then eventually her concentration and creativity is compromised to such an extent that she can no longer work until it is cleared!

What an amazing story which vividly shows us it is not only our sense of sight that recognises and registers the state of our environment.


So lets move on to look at how clutter can effect our lives, both at home and at work…


Well at home it can……….

Make us embarrassed and not want to let visitors into our home.

It can make us resentful towards others and this can cause friction and arguments.

It can make us want to keep the world at bay and cause us to become insular and cut off.

It can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed.

It can leave our wardrobes cluttered so it’s hard for us to get dressed in the mornings.

It can make us late paying our bills because we can’t find the correct paperwork.

It can make us feel out of control and with our homes not feeling like a true reflection of who we really, genuinely are inside.


At work…..

It can lead to a lack of organisation which effects how well we can do our job.

It can cause us to lose leads which are vital to the building our businesses.

It can rob us of structure.

It can stifle our creativity and cause us to struggle with moving towards our goals.


I worked with a fabulous lady who was part of a multi-level marketing company and she was so ambitious and great at what she did. She had a real passion for the business, the products and what together they could give her family. However she had very little structure and organisation and she knew that this was holding her back. So we worked together to get this in place when she next had the opportunity to achieve an incentive position with the company and she flew! She met her targets achieved her goal and never looked back!


So de-cluttering is about letting go……letting go both mentally and physically.

Letting go of the fear……….being willing to move from the old to the new………being happy to step into who we are in the here and now!

It’s about waking the beautiful inner us. …..that vibrant person who is inside of us all but who can become worn down and hidden from sight.

We now understand the effect clutter can have on us but before we can truly let go it helps to understand why we collect and keep our clutter.

The reasons are many and varied but here are just a few. See if you recognise any of these in yourself…..

Some people keep things “just incase” they might come in useful one, as yet, unspecified date in the future.

Some people keep things that they have inherited. Not because they love and cherish them and the objects fill them with happy memories and make them smile ( this wouldn’t be clutter), but because they feel they should keep them. No matter how that makes them feel.

Some people keep certain objects because they fear the emotions attached to them that could potentially arise if they part with them.

Some people allow certain items to hold them in a place and a time that has little to do with where or who they are now. They might even be unhappy times and places.

A great favourite for keeping something we don’t even like anymore is because we feel as though we haven’t yet got our money’s worth out of it.

Sometimes we believe our very identity is caught up with certain objects and that if we part with them we will somehow be parting with some of ourselves.

Others feel as though they just haven’t got the time to sort things out.


All of these reasons, however real they feel to us, cause us to hold ourselves back, to limit ourselves and to stop us from accepting who and where we are now and flourishing in that time and space.


When we allow ourselves to let go we find that we begin to live authentically, with our homes or offices reflecting who we really are. Our creativity has the emotional and physical space to expand and influence us. We love being in our space, we are happy to invite others in too it to and we begin to smile!

How good does that sound!

That is a life that we all deserve and it is ours for the creating.

We need to tackle our clutter……put time slots into our diary and make sure we stick to them; get help, either professional or from friends and family; “kiss your frog” and make sure that you tackle something even if at first it feels you with trepidation: Reclaim your life and your space on your own terms.

And then enjoy!!!!!

Wishing you a happy and authentic 2017 where you let go, move on and reclaim your hopes and dreams and aspirations.

With much love   Lesley xxx








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Lesley Beattie
Lesley Beattie
4 January 2017

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